Current data accumulated by tracking companies is exquisitely detailed

Time to start thinking more seriously about your privacy.  One particular online tracking company gathers everything they can about you and accumulates it into a very detailed profile.  The cutting edge capacity of one company also aggregates your name and email address.  That is valuable data for marketers so they can send you a very targeted email.

The Wall Street Journal has been running a long series on privacy issues on the web.  Current article here.  The highlighted example in this article identifies a woman by name, email address, age, income level, and charitable interests she supports.  Also identified she is interested in the bible, which probably identifies her as a Christian.  Would be good for you to start reading this article and then the series.  Might be good to start pondering implications for privacy in general and your privacy in particular.

Action item from the article is to learn about how cookies are stored on your machine and how to manage them.

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