Welcome to my new blog!

Greetings, and welcome to my new blog.  I am still blogging at Nonprofit Update, found at www.ulvog.wordpress.com.  Why the new site?  I am talking to two very different audiences: the nonprofit community and CPAs working in the attestation area.  Thus, I will split my writing between two different blogs. 

Many of the previous posts of interest to CPAs have been brought into this blog.  Some of these posts are deleted from the other blog and some are left there.  In the future, posts related to the NPO world will be at www.ulvog.wordpress.com, comments specific to the CPA community will be here, and comments of interest to both will be cross-posted.

I hope this will be of help as you keep up to date with the torrent of changes in the attestation world.  Enjoy!

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