5 reasons CPAs should read pop psychology

Why should we CPAs spend time looking at pop psychology?  Here’s five reasons:

  1. To understand people better at a general level.
  2. To better deal with really difficult situations.  These can be caused by staff or managers.  Such situations can even be caused by clients or your audit partners sometimes. (Did I really say that?  Yep.  I did.)
  3. Because you don’t have the time, money, or interest to get a PhD in psychology in order to understand people better.
  4. Because CPAs function better with a well-rounded, general understanding in lots of fields of knowledge.
  5. Because, quite frankly, we CPAs often need a bit of help with getting our analytical brain refocused to understand that emotional, right-brain stuff.

As a result, I will start discussing some books I have read that might be of help to you.  There are wonderful resources available that are understandable by a layperson.

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