Big 4 hiring frenzy?

Fortune magazine reports Bean counters wanted: Why the Big 4 are a hiring frenzy.

What does that mean for the opposite end of the accounting world, those of us in smaller firms? I see four implications.

First, if you’re looking for new staff, it will be more difficult to find someone.

Second, going back to the ol’ supply and demand curves from Econ classes, it will be more expensive to hire those people you find.

Now for some good news.  These implications are based on assuming that the Big 4 decision-makers have a good handle on the workload they will have in the year or two and can reasonably estimate how many staff they will need to meet that increased demand.

Third implication – there will be far less interest for the Big 4 to reach down into the middle of the market and therefore less pressure for those in the middle of the market reached down to the smaller end of the market.

Fourth implication – if the demand is soaring for the big firms there’ll be less fee pressure on small firms.

Your thoughts?

(Hat tip CalCPA Daily Tips email.)

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