What does the staffing of a big office of a Big 4 firm look like?

Hey, it is just plain fun to read the Going Concern blog. Really should add it to your RSS feed.

For those of us in small firms who might have some idle curiosity of what the staffing looks like in a large office in the Big 4 world, Going Concern has some juicy details of the headcount by job level in the LA office of Deloitte.

Check out their article:  What Do We Make of the Headcount in Deloitte’s Los Angeles Office?

1500 people? Wow. 195 partners, principals and directors?

The post discusses the low leverage in the office. If that is your interest, please check out the article.

If you just want to have a general idea what a huge office looks like (and I have no previous glimpses of that picture), the post is worth checking out.

My very wild guess on annual billable hours would be well above 2M which puts a wild guess at billings between 400M and 500M a year.

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