If your mandatory peer review reporting is due July 2012, its time to get started

Mandatory peer review in California is being phased in over three years.  Current issue of the California Board of Accounancy’s newsletter, Update, has a superb brief article on page 8.

Here is a great one sentence summary:

In July 2011, licensees with license numbers ending in 34 through 66 were notified that they are required to submit a Peer Review Reporting Form to the CBA by July 1, 2012.

It takes a long time to go from registering with the national peer review program, to finding and retaining a peer reviewer, getting the reviewer approved by CalCPA, going through the review, and finally getting through a very long approval process.

Timeline mentioned by CBA?

The entire peer review process can take 4-6 months.

If 7-1-12 is your first reporting deadline, it’s time to get started!

Read the full article. You can find it on page 8 of Update here.

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