Here’s a bunch of non-financial reasons to blog

A great article at {grow} provides 25 Non-Financial Benefits of Business Blogging.

I previously discussed that the ROI on social media is zero. That is irrelevant to whether you should jump in.

Here are just a few of the 25 reasons that CPAs might find compelling:

  •  Create a database of answers — Blog about customer questions. Use links to those posts to save time and answer future questions.
  • Point of differentiation — If your competitors don’t blog, is this an opportunity to stand out in your niche?
  • Voice of authority — Is your company the industry leader? What better way to demonstrate that than a voice of leadership on your blog?
  • Social Proof — Simply having a blog sends a message that your company “gets” social media.
  • Crisis management – If you have a blog, you don’t have to rely on the press to get the story straight.  Your blog can put the facts out there.

Great reasons to jump into social media.

A few more reasons that come to mind:

  • CPA web sites are boooooooring.  They all look the same, too.  A blog will radically stand out from the bland templates provided by bland providers that provide bland sites to almost every CPA.
  • Very few CPAs are blogging.  If you want to send the message that you are technologically advanced, try blogging. That moves you light-years beyond your competitors.
  • Show you are competent in your technical area and up to date.
  • Improve your writing ability. Practice at writing will make your blogging better and improve your letters of recommendation.  And your workpapers. And your client correspondence.

Check out the full article.

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