Hire grown-ups and you don’t need a Facebook policy

Jay Shepherd has a great fantasy dialogue about corporate policies.  On one hand we have a company boss that announces the company doesn’t have and never will have a Facebook policy.  On the other hand, we have a worker bee who’s a little slow on the uptake:  A Facebook policy for grown-ups.

Why no policy? The company hired grown-ups and expects them to act like grown-ups.

The conclusion to the post – there’s no policy against being really, really stupid.  But if you are, you will get fired.

The fact that you’re thinking [of doing something incredibly stupid] means we probably shouldn’t have hired you in the first place.

But there’s no policy against it.

Now you’re catching on. That’s right: there’s no policy against it. We know you’re a grown-up and we trust that you’ll be professional and respectful of others. If our trust was misplaced, we’ll fix that.

The challenge is there are lots of people in grown-up bodies who are clueless about being a grown-up.  You and I see that all the time.  If those people work in your organization, you might have to change where they work.

Check out Mr. Shepherd’s post.

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