Think of your future as a career lattice, not a career ladder

Bill Sheridan, at CPA Success, highlights CPA Jody Padar in his post The ladder of success is a myth. It’s a lattice.

Ms. Padar says of careers:

It’s not necessarily a straight ladder up.  There’s lots of different paths you can take to get to pretty cool places.

The old rules have changed. Now and into the future there will be lots of new paths to success and lots of old paths that appear to be closed off.

Mr. Sheridan says:

We’re living in an era when a sizeable chunk of college students will end up taking jobs after graduation that don’t exist today. When things are changing that fast, you have to be flexible enough to alter your plan over, and over, and over. Learn continuously, master some important new skills, and find your passion. Do those things, and you might just start a movement that changes your profession … and your life.

The future is unclear and it is scary.  At the same time it is exciting and wonderful.

Check out this great 3 minute highlight: If at first you don’t suceed … you could rule the world


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