Big firms rebranding multiple names down to one

David Albrecht has background on the trend of the big firms reducing the number of names in the firm name down to one or a series of letters.  Also gives some reasons why.

CPA Firm Branding and McGladrey LLP

Several reasons:  appearance, ease of brand management, looks more ‘corporate’. 

Good overview for those of us who don’t worry about the image of a zillion dollar firm.

2 thoughts on “Big firms rebranding multiple names down to one”

  1. Thanks for posting link to my latest post. I guess this means that you read me.

    I’ve been following the audit industry from an overall perspective since I picked up a book on industrial market structure back in my doctoral program. Factors related to market share and competitive balance have always fascinated me. It’s like a governmental election.

    When social media came along and it became easier to manage professional branding, I became more aware of positioning oneself to align with a desirable image or reputation. Anyway, I think it’s interesting stuff.

  2. Oh, I’m definitely reading your posts. I will have another post up in a few days about one of your discussions.

    I have you set up on an RSS feed so I get the posts same day you write them. For others reading this blog, you can set up lots of blogs on an RSS feed so the writers you are interested in reading come to you automatically. Great stuff. Big time saver.

    I’d not noticed the trend of the big firms cutting down the number of names in their official name. I wouldn’t have thought of that as an intentional strategy. I also thought PwC was just slang.

    Thanks for your discussion talking about the issue. Good stuff for other CPAs to pay attention to so we can be aware of our surroundings.

    And maybe we look more intelligent when talking about our industry. Instead of referring to something like Ernst & Young, Ernst & Whiney or Delliotte Touche or Delloitte Haskins and Sells or Peat, Marwick, Mitchell we know it’s now Ernst, Delloitte, and KPMG.)

    I also now know why Going Concern refers to Delloitte as ‘green dot’. They have a green period at the end of their name.

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