Parody versus satire – figuring out the difference while getting a clue about Gangnam style

Want to get up to speed on the difference between parodies and satires and why one is okay and the other can cost you a bundle? Want to get up to speed on this Gangnam Style thingie that is going on now?

If you answer yes to either question, I have a post at my other blog, Nonprofit Update, that discusses an article by Mr. Kenneth Liu, of the law firm of Gammon and Grange. 

Mr. Liu explains the differences between parody (legally protected) and satire (can get you in trouble) in the context of an extremely popular video “Oppa Gangnam Style”.

While parody and satire may not be really popular issues, the article will help you distinguish one from the other. The video, by the way, has close to 500 million views. I’m guessing that is rather higher than the number of views Mr. Liu will ever get.

Check out the link:

Parody versus satire – one is okay and the other can get you in trouble. Gangnam Style video as a teaching tool.

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