Manage the risks of your technology

The tools available today are incredibly amazing and powerful.  You can do astounding things.

I can publish several blogs at minimal out-of-pocket cost which are available world-wide. Very cool.

There are dangers, but that’s okay. We need to know the risks and then manage them.

I have two posts at my other blog, Nonprofit Update, that discuss some dangers and how to minimize them.

They are:

Don’t let your social media platform control you

5 warnings on how technology can trap you

The five warnings: 

  • Don’t let your marketing be controlled by Facebook or MySpace or anyone else that can wipe you out with a rule change or by fading away.
  • Own your domain name.
  • Own your blog address.
  • Don’t be held hostage by your software vendor.
  • Your social media provider could close your account if they simply feel you broke their interpretation of their rules.

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