Check out Evernote for storing articles, ‘net resources, and lots of other stuff

I’ve been using Evernote for about two months now. It is a great tool to store internet articles, PDF documents, and other files.

It gives you a great way to store, access, and search those interesting web articles you would like to look at again.

Charles Hall, at CPA-Scribo introduces Evernote for CPAs:

Evernote is a game-changer for CPAs.

It is every bit as useful for someone in the NPO world. Mr Hall continues:

What is Evernote?

Think of it as your personal library.

Evernote is a free cloud-based storage system which allows you to capture and file voice recordings, documents (including Word, Excel, PDFs), pictures, and videos. Once information is placed in Evernote, it is searchable in a Google-like fashion. Even hand-written notes are searchable (provided your handwriting is legible).

Things CPAs Can Do with Evernote

  • Create a personal digital library (e.g., use an Evernote digital notebook to store all your Clarity Project Auditing magazine articles, CPE material, and even videos of class instruction)

He continues with a list of other things you could do then provides an overview of how to use it.

Like I said, I’ve been using it just under two months and am thrilled with it.

It is even more helpful for someone who is blogging, like me, but would be helpful for anyone who looks at a lot of stuff on the ‘net.

Here is my quick summary:

Instead of having tons of saved links in your favorites folder of Windows Explorer, you can clip the web pages into Evernote and attach tags to file them. Each clipped page will have the article title (which you can change), the URL (so you can go back to the original item), tags (so you can look a tag folder to instantly see all the posts with a tag) and the text (which is searchable and you can add notes or comments).

Mr. Hall also explains how to get stuff into Evernote in his post Seven Ways to Feed Evernote.

Check out his posts, then check out Evernote.

I think you will love it and find a lot of uses for it.

Microsoft Onenote is an alternative product. It is probably already loaded on your computer. I looked at both products and decided Evernote will work better for me. I’m delighted with it.

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