Jump in, the (blogging) water’s fine!

What keeps knowledge workers from blogging? What will you ever say is one of the concerns that holds people back.

If you keep your eyes open, you’ll be amazed how many ideas come to mind. Also, here’s some ideas on getting started. Think about starting a practice blog.

Consider a change in focus:

I view my life through the lens of a blog post. I am constantly aware of ideas that interest me and consider how the experiences of my day could be turned into a story.

That is Mark Schaefer’s suggestion at Shut up and blog: How to create endless ideas for content!

Just start thinking “How could I share this on my blog?” for everything you read or hear.

It isn’t that hard. As an auditor, I am constantly thinking “How does this affect my audit practice?” With every accounting or economic story I read I wonder “Can this help my clients?

Adjust that focus to blogging and you won’t be able to write about all the ideas that come to mind.

Getting started

Dustin Wheeler has 10 great tips on getting started. His article, Writing an Effective Blog, gives great pointers. Just a couple:

Before creating a blog for your business, start a “practice blog” about a hobby 

Cool idea! Start a blog about something unrelated to your goal. That way you can learn how to drive the blogging software before talking to potential clients. It takes time to get the formatting stuff figured out, learn how to insert video and photos, and sort out what the stat software is telling you. When you’re comfortable, you can close your practice blog and start your business blog. Might even find it hard to close your practice blog because it’s so much fun.

Proofread before publishing.

But don’t obsess. You have to get the spelling down along with all the basic grammar stuff. However…don’t let the worry that there’s some subtle misspelling or hidden grammar glitch keep you from posting.

Check out both articles. Then jump in!

Accountants and auditors are constantly giving people advice. We have lots of good stuff to share.  Just turn those comments into text!

Come on in, the water’s fine!

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