Setting up a simple website on a blogging platform

If you need to set up a simple website, consider using blogging software to do so.

I have found that using a blog as website is cheaper to run and far easier to maintain with better statistics available than my previous platform.

Here is a post on my other blog, Nonprofit Update, explaining why I migrated the main website for my CPA firm to a WordPress blog:

Another example of a website running on a blogging platform

Here’s a picture of what it looked like before:

Glimpse of what Ulvog CPA website looked like before move to blog

Here are two of my posts giving some background on the approach.

Getting started on using a blog as a website

Running a simple website using blogging software – The why behind the idea and an illustration

Most CPAs will want the nifty tech tools available from many providers. But if you or your clients want a simple website with small scope, here is an easy, low-cost way to get something running quickly.

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