Time to renew your PTIN

It’s time again to renew your PTIN so you can file tax returns electronically after the first of the year. Your current PTIN expires on 12-31-13.

The IRS sent out a reminder. Quoting them, they said:

Anyone who, for compensation, prepares or helps prepare any federal return or claim for refund must have a valid PTIN from the IRS. The PTIN must be used as the identifying number on returns prepared.

The PTIN system is ready to accept applications for 2014.

For those who already have a 2013 PTIN, the renewal process can be completed online and only takes a few moments. The renewal fee is $63. If you can’t remember your user ID and password, there are online tools to assist you. Preparers can get started at www.irs.gov/ptin.

If you are registering for the first time, the PTIN application fee is $64.25 and the process may also be completed online.

It just took me about 10 minutes to complete my renewal.

Update: Remember your listed business address and email are public and will be disclosed. You can count on getting one or two spam in your email every week. Just expect it.

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