11 bloggers you really oughta’ be following

In his New Year column, Jim Peterson gives a list of writers on accounting who you really should add to your RSS feed so you can read all they have to say:  Re:Balance – Welcome to a Happy New Year – Or Is It?

Before giving you the list, I’d like to summarize his first post of the year.

He begins by bemoaning the same-o same-o in accounting stories for the last few months of 2013. Seems like it is the same foolishness and silliness we’ve seen the whole year. Another multi-billion settlement from JPMorgan.  More blithering on accounting convergadoption. Blah, blah.

His knowledge of human nature leaves him optimistic the New Year will be brighter. It won’t take long for accounting & finance bloggers to have fresh examples of folly, mischief, break-downs, malfeasance, manipulators, and miscreants enough to keep everyone’s fingers dancing on the keyboard.

Alas, I agree.

We shall soon see illustrations anew that humans have feet of clay.  Next juicy bit I’m waiting for is Mr. London’s sentencing for insider trading.

Here’s the list of writers you really should follow and the good professor’s comment on what’s visible of their recent activity:

Am I alone in feeling under-nourished by this menu of “same old”? It seems not.

Not so much among the stalwart news-bearers, who continue their vital and informative functions – the likes of Edith Orenstein’s FEI blog, Bruce Carton’s Securities Docket and Kevin LaCroix’s D&O Diary.

It’s the tone of those usually depended on to afflict the responsible, or so it seems to me: Tony Catanach’s Grumpy Old Accountant and Tom Selling’s Accounting Onion look to be on reduced schedules and lowered levels of pique and irritation; Dave Albrecht at The Summa has gone quiet all fall; Richard Murphy and Dennis Howlett over in Europe much the same. And while Adrienne Gonzalez steps ably into Caleb Newquist’s big shoes at Going Concern, even the omni-present and sharp-tongued Francine McKenna at Re:The Auditors has mainly been mining well-familiar themes.

I’ll add Jim Peterson at Re:Balance to sites that should be on your RSS reader.

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