Something in London case about to go under seal

Just checking to see if anything new is showing up on a couple of cases I’m following in the federal PACER system.

Sentencing arguments were due to the court on 2/13/14 in the case of Scott London, lately a senior partner at KPMG. He was the regional audit PIC prior to getting his picture on the front page of the Wall Street Journal during an FBI recorded cash-for-inside-information payment.

On 2/13/14, the Assistant US Attorney filed an ex parte motion to place something under seal. The document description is “other” and the reason is “under seal.”  Setting aside my severely limited knowledge of law and using my businessman’s understanding instead, I think that means the documents will be under seal and the reason it will be nonpublic is under seal.

My very wild guess on the contents is based on the filing taking place on the day the sentencing positions were due. My guess? The sealed document is the sentencing argument from the feds.

Your guess?


UPDATE on sentencing date here.

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