Sentencing watch for insider trading case

Sentencing is scheduled for former KPMG regional audit PIC Scott London on February 27, 2014 regarding his plea agreement admitting insider trading. That’s the latest visible information in the federal system that shows filings.

Previous post mentioned on 2/13 that Something in London case about to go under seal.

On 2/18 there were four documents filed under seal. Obviously the contents of those filings aren’t visible on the PACER system. My completely wild, uneducated guess would be those are arguments from the defense and prosecution about sentencing. Could also be recommendations from the federal group that provides sentencing guidance to judges.

If you are really interested, keep your eyes open on Thursday. If you are only slightly interested, check back here. I’ll keep you updated.

Update: Next post – minor updates, including LinkedIn profile and cost of reauditing Herbalife

UPDATE on sentencing date here.

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