Free class on how nonprofits record contributions

Learn About Revenue Accounting for Nonprofits on April 25 is the announcement from Sift Media about a good overview of how to account for revenue in a charity. The course is Key Accounting and Reporting Issues for Nonprofits No. 2: Revenue Accounting.

The course is free and will be offered April 25 at 2:00 Eastern. Runs for one hour, thus you can get one hour CPE.

I read through the handout for the course. This will be a superb class those who are new to the nonprofit community.

It will be a good review if you are quite experienced. I have a fair number of years working the NPO community, yet still enjoy this type of class for two reasons: First, it reinforces what I think I know. Second, I frequently find some little tidbit that escaped my attention or that I’d forgot about. Thus it is quite helpful. That, by the way, is the reason I always read the annual risk alert updates. You should too.

Looks to be a great course. I’ve gone through two classes from this instructor. He does a great job.

Oh, did I mention it’s free? And an hour of CPE?

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