Observations from a reader on Scott London’s family assets

A Mr./Ms. sjenson has been commenting on my blog about some family assets belonging to the London family that have apparently been moved into a Nevada corporation.

You can see the current discussion at an older post, Sentencing recommendation and suggestion for lighter sentence for ex-KPMG partner’s insider trading.

The commenter has several thoughts and questions.

The core of his/her idea seems to be wondering why assets would be moved into a Nevada corporation. If you have ever had contact with one of those outfits, you know they operate in a completely different world.

Check out the comments if you are interested.

His or her comments belong to him. Anyone have any thoughts or comments on the comments?  All comments welcome.  Of course, subject to maintaining a professional demeanor with the determination of what is professional being made by me!

Update: 14 months.

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