London sentencing watch – scheduled for 4/24 at 11 am as of 4/21

The sentencing for Scott London on his guilty plea for insider trading has been moved back three hours. As of 4/21 he is still scheduled to be sentenced this Thursday, 4/24, but will be appearing at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time instead of 8:00 a.m.

I took a look at the docket this afternoon and found a few items that may be of wider interest.

Sentencing documents

Lots of documents have been filed under seal since my last post on sentencing.  The government’s sentencing memorandum was filed on 4/7; item #47 on the docket. I discussed the government’s recommendation here and here.

On 4/10, there are three sealed documents. The first (#51) is a filing to request something be filed under seal. The next entry is an order granting the request. The following item (#53) is dated 4/1 but was entered 4/16 and is titled “Defendants’ Sentencing Memorandum, with Exhibits (attachments: Part 2, Part 3).

On 4/18, the government filed a notice it would make a filing under seal. The docket does not reflect that filing has yet been made.

On 4/21, Mr. London’s attorney filed a notice to seal a document. The next entry, item #58, is titled “Sealed Document – Defendant’s Response to the Government’s Sentencing Position.” That would be Mr. London’s’ reply to the government recommendation. The following entry orders that filing to be sealed. All three of those are dated 4/21 with a notation they were entered on 4/21.

Entry #59 is the judge’s order, which says:

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT: Defendant’s ex parte application for sealed filing is GRANTED. The document sought to be filed under seal, Defendant’s Response to the Government’s Sentencing Position, and the sealing application shall both be filed under seal and may not be thereafter viewed by any persons, other than the government and/or the U.S.P.O. without a request on showing of good cause.

Anyone have any idea why so many documents would be filed under seal at this point? Is something odd in the wind or is this the way cases go. Is there something of high visibility or particular sensitivity in the filings?

Update: 14 months.

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