Tech tools for auditors, courtesy of Charles Hall

I’ve had my head down for the last two months writing about inside trader Scott London, his golfing buddy, their checking in to the same federal penitentiary, along with mega-bank PNB Paribas paying a nine billion dollar fine for deliberately laundering $190 billion dollars for bad people, and pondering whether they got off easy or were unjustly hammered.

In the meantime, Charles Hall at CPA-Scribo has written an amazing string of accounting, auditing, and tech articles.

Time for me to catch up on pointing you to his articles.

I’ll start with some tech tools that CPAs can use:

Convenient apps for phones – 2/23/14 – An Auditor’s Cell Phone

  • Password storage on 1Password.
  • Using camera and audio recorder to document internal control.
  • Using Evernote to store everything and have a copy handy.

Lots more ideas to turn your phone into a heavy-lifting audit tool.

Convenient tools for field work – 6/10/14 – The Minimalist Auditor

  • 5# scanner
  • Scanner app
  • USB powered monitor (gotta get one of those)
  • 13 ounce projector, under $300

Tool to create flowchart or map out a business process- 7/5 Bizagi Process Modeller

  • You would never have thought graphing out a flowchart could be this easy.

I’ll have more posts pointing you to accounting and auditing discussions by Mr. Hall.

Have I mentioned lately that if you check out my blog once in a while then you really, really ought to subscribe to his blog? Or follow @ChasBHall on twitter?

3 thoughts on “Tech tools for auditors, courtesy of Charles Hall”

    1. Charles, you have a lot of great posts.

      Blogging is a lot of fun. One of the many benefits is it forces you to a deeper understanding of an issue, which is needed to explain the concept.

      1. Isn’t that the truth? I only think I understand an issue until I try to write about it–then I’m exposed. And as you said, I begin to dig deeper. But all that leads to greater understanding (and recall at a later date).

        I only wish I had more time to write. Maybe one day when I retire, I will have the time to do so.

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