Scott London is now in Lompoc penitentiary.

As part of the final editing of my book, I checked the locations of Mr. London and Mr. Shaw in the federal prison system. You can look up such things at the Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator.

Mr. Shaw is still at Taft Correctional Institute. Last time I looked, they were both at Taft.

Mr. London has been moved up the coast to Lompoc USP (United States Penitentiary). That is a medium security prison with an attached minimum security facility.  The facility is a mile or less from Lompoc, maybe 2 miles from the ocean, and is immediately adjacent to Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Mr. London’s official release date is still July 23, 2015. Mr. Shaw is scheduled for release November 28, 2014, the day after Thanksgiving.

UpdateMr. Shaw released 11/28/14.

8 thoughts on “Scott London is now in Lompoc penitentiary.”

  1. The permits for the new tasting room and winery are under review by the county. They ran into a code inforcement issue for the new road. They have applied for an ABC license and are in the 30 day posting. I wonder how he can get a liquor license as a convicted felon ? Can’t wait for the book.

    1. You obviously have far more information than you are describing. One simple possibility to your question, based soley on what you have previously said – maybe be the winery isn’t in his name?


  2. Maybe time for a small disclaimer of my own. I’m obviously not in the CPA world.
    I was introduced to the Scott London KPMG scandal from your blog. I was doing research on an investment company building a winery. Scott London and his wife are 1/3 owners of that company. The arrogance of that company and the scandalous behavior of the other owners would not only make a good book but maybe a movie. It’s only my opinion but there may be more to the character of Scott London than a man who made one mistake.

    1. Thanks for sharing pieces of what you know. If i expand my discussion to full book length coverage i may want more details. In the meantime thanks for the comments and expanding my vocabulary to include pruno.

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