Look at music and newspapers as hint of what could happen in accounting. Then consider how ripe Hollywood is for the same disruption. In your accounting job what are you doing to get ready?

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.
Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

The music and newspaper industries have revenue trends that look vaguely comparable to the graph above. The IT revolution caused that severe disruption.

Hollywood is facing the same disruption.

Here is the question for accountants:

  • What are you going to do before that type of disrupting change overruns your firm and your career?

I’ll be quite upfront with my challenge: I can see the impact of massive change in other industries, but I am not quite able to see what disruption would look like in my world. I’m struggling with how to get ready. Maybe you are too.

At my other blog, Outrun Change, I wrote a post surveying what has already happened in music, newspapers, and publishing.

More importantly, the article I discuss points to Hollywood as another industry soon to face that scale of disruption.

Looking at another industry about to be overwhelmed might help us sort out what massive change could look like in the accounting world.

Check out my post: Deep background on disruption in music and publishing. Up next? Hollywood.

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