Announcing “Ancient Finances”, my newest blog

Silver Roman denarius. Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Ancient Finances will explore finances and money during the Viking age and Roman Empire. Lots of posts on other blogs addressing those topics have been cross-posted to the new blog. This includes lots of discussion of the loot Alexander the Great lifted during his rampaging world tour.

I’ve been having loads of fun reading about the Viking age and am intrigued by finances and money during the Roman Empire.

Why a new blog?

I have a lot of additional articles to write and more resources I want to explore. That will generate quite a few new posts. Those discussions do sorta’ kinda’ fit into the subject matter of my blog Attestation Update, but it is a stretch to go from current accounting and auditing to banking, then to finances in general, and then to ancient finances. So, I’ll just move that discussion into a new blog.

Why my interest in the Viking age? My paternal forebears are from Norway yet this is the first time I have actually dived into Viking history.

Why the Roman Empire? In addition to the environment and context of New Testament biblical times, I just find it interesting.

If you’re interested in money issues during the times of the Vikings, Romans, or Alexander the Great, feel free to check out my blog.

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