L >= C

That is the formula offered by Tom Hood, of the Maryland Society of CPAs in his post, The No. 1 reason CPAs should use social media.

We need to keep our learning (L) greater than the rate of change (C).

Things are happening so fast that if we are not constantly learning, we are going to become obsolete.

He says:

CPAs are in the knowledge business and their “inventory” is becoming obsolete faster than ever. Formal training events are not adequate to stay up with the profession alone, much less than their client’s or their organization’s industries. Social media can be a powerful value-added filter that can help you stay ahead of the waves of change.

“Our inventory is becoming obsolete.” Ponder that.

CPAs should dive into social media, not merely for building the reputation of your firm and you personally. That should be enough, but there is a far better reason.

We should get involved because we will learn and grow and be able to stay up with developments.  Bottom line here is so we can keep our jobs.

If you get to the point of

  • L < C

you will become obsolete.  At the rate things are going, it will only take a few years and you are out of date.

Get out of date and another staff person will be more appealing for the promotion you really wanted.  Another CPA firm will be more appealing to your clients.

I’m starting to post on this area at my other blog. My first few discussions:

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