Is it possible we are not heading into a double dip recession?

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While out for a walk yesterday morning, I noticed construction at the strip shopping center near my home. Wood frame in just about done.

New construction?  In this economy?  That isn’t supposed to be happening, right?

I looked around the strip center.  I counted 11 out of 26 small shops that are empty.  The two large spaces and one medium-sized space are filled.  That is a rather high percentage of vacant space.  Yet this piece of new construction is large enough for three small shops.

Someone is optimistic enough about the economy to put their money on the line.  Hmm.

A while back, a few miles from my home I saw dirt being moved for construction of some sort.  Drove by there a week ago and saw many acres of brand-new apartment units.  Hmm. 

Someone else is optimistic enough about the near-term outlook to put their money on the line today.

Maybe we are not heading into a double dip?

So remembering that the world is far bigger than what I can see, I got to thinking about some graphs that Mark Perry has been pointing out at Carpe Diem blog:

Not a hint on any of those graphs that the economy is slowing.

Don’t know what to make of this all.  At the moment I’m just scratching my head.

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