Tell my again why there’s nothing to write about in accounting?

I was out-of-town four days towards the end of January.  Provided a peer review to a CPA firm.  Took a break from the ‘net as much as I could.

I drove across the Central Valley of California for the first time and after the project, enjoyed taking one of those away days seeing Yosemite.  Haven’t been there before.  It’s breathtakingly awe-inspiring. (Yes, I know. I don’t get out enough.)

While driving I came up with two or three ideas for blog posts. Couldn’t help but think about some things and translate them to blog ideas as I was driving and observing and pondering.

When I cleared my RSS feed after the trip, there were 7 posts that I had marked to re-read because there’s a seed of an idea for pontification in a post.  There are 5 more articles I have starred since the trip that have possibilities for a post.

Wrote two posts on Saturday evening as I caught up on some writing.  I’m still sitting on 13 ideas for a post in addition to the little GIK thingie I got myself into. Don’t know how many of those ideas I’ll turn into a post, but the point is I have lots of ideas.

Now, can someone tell me again why they think there’s nothing to write about in accounting?

Come on in!  Jump into the blogosphere!  The water’s fine!

There’s tons to write about.

2 thoughts on “Tell my again why there’s nothing to write about in accounting?”

  1. I’ve found that time, not ideas, is the biggest constrant.

    I read about that. The flash drive was encrypted, but it was mailed *with* the decrypt code. The piece of paper with the code arrived, but the flash drive did not. Oops.
    Just a reminder to all the auditors, professors, and investment and HR types out there — would you like to see YOUR name in such an article? If not, be very careful!

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