Three skills for living in a social media world

There will be three career fields in huge demand in the social media world. That is the idea Mark Schaefer presents in his blog, {grow}.

I discuss his post and my thoughts in my post Three Skills for Living in a Social Media World at my other blog, Outrun Change.

At an individual level, I think these three careers point to skills each of us need to develop if we wish to function in a world dominated by social media.  The career fields and individual skills are:

  • Career field ==> individual skill:
  • Journalism ==> storytelling
  • HR/change management¬†==> adapting quickly to change as an individual
  • Statistician ==> extracting value from the data surrounding us

For us CPAs, the data extraction will be easy. We will need to work on the storytelling and change management.

Check out my other post for more details.

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