Journey through a peer review – initial scheduling form approved

Part 2 of my journey through the peer review process.

Today I received a note that I forgot to answer one question on the Peer Review Scheduling Form.  Oops.

Answered it and returned the form. Same day I received a letter that my initial form had been accepted.  A copy of the 4 pages needed to get a reviewer approved were attached to the letter. These are the last pages in the Scheduling Form, so you will already know what they look like.

Next step is to find and retain a peer reviewer to perform my review. When I do that, I need to fill out the several pages identifying the firm and answering questions explaining that there are no conflicts of interest involved.

Then I will send that back so CalCPA can make sure there is a match on experience areas. For example, if I performed pension audits or single audits (which I don’t do) then someone on the review team would need to be experienced in those areas.

The letter says I need to reply in 30 days. That might be a stretch.

Use the correct address.

The email you get will come from the address Do not use that address to contact the peer review program. That is only for outgoing email from all the administering entities.

The correct address to use in all submissions is  If you use the ca@prcpa address, your e-mail will disappear into an internet wormhole and the only way you will know is when you get a late notice from CalCPA.

Make sure you use the right address!

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