Tweets I wish I’d sent from the 2012 Chick-FIl-A LeaderCast

  • #PatrickLencioni   need to be brutally intolerant of violations of core values
  • #PatrickLencioni   Orgs need to have only 2 or 3 core values – can’t function with 20
  • #AndyStanley    Leader’s job is to deal with uncertainty after all the analysis is done.
  • #JohnMaxwell   Feed your strengths
  • #JohnMaxwell   If you feed your weaknesses you just achieve  average – no one pays (premium?) for average
  • #PatrickLencioni   biggest competitive advantage is organizational health
  • #PatrickLencioni   we live in time of nanosecond technology change

I had a great time watching the LeaderCast.  After going through my notes a couple of times, wish I’d sent the above tweets.  I have a few more here and here.

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