Billable hour goals for big CPA firms

Going Concern blog has some posts up on the targets for billable hours at some of the Big 4:

Here Are Ernst & Young Chargeable Hours Goals for Fiscal Year 2012

And Now, Here Are Deloitte Chargeable Hours Goals (Assurance)

Here are some highlights:

Ernst & Young (data reformatted and condensed so I’ll put it in quotes):

Level  – chargeable hours – total hours

Sr. Manager / 1700-1800 / 2500-2600

Manager / 1800-1900 / 2500-2600

Senior / 1900-2000 / 2400-2500

Staff / 1800-1900 / 2300-2400

That puts the overtime expectation at about 300 hours for staff, 400 for seniors, and 500 for managers.

At Deloitte the chargeable hour goals are:

    • Staff – minimum of 1,900
    • Manager – 1,700
    • Senior Manager – 1,600

The post on Deloitte hours also has a spreadsheet someone sent in that shows target for total hours of 2,400 for staff and seniors and 2,500 for managers.  Client service hours are 1,950 for staff, 2,000 for seniors, 1,900 for managers.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is merely one of the reasons I’m a sole practitioner.

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