Other posts about the corruption case in neighboring city

I have two posts on my other blog, Nonprofit Update, regarding the bribery case in a city next to where I live. I’ll link to those here so all of my posts about the case are visible on this blog.

If you’re interested, check out:

  • Wages of fraud – loss of licenses – One of the co-defendants lost his license as a real estate broker. He won’t be able to work again in the field where he has extensive experience. My guess is any job which requires a license from the state would be revoked after a felony conviction.
  • Wages of fraud – 2 year prison sentence is just the start – There’s a long list of the wages of fraud earned by the key player. His marriage disintegrated, he’s gone through bankruptcy, he lost his business, his future standard of living will be a mere shadow of what it was for the last several decades. The list is long – check out the post.

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