Fraudster tells her story

I’ve previously discussed the journey through fraud, jail, and rebuilding taken by Mrs. Amy Wilson. You can see my posts here.

She is providing speaking engagements to make money to repay her victim.  She has a new website set up at Forged Redemption, LLC.

If you are interested in studying one specific fraud incident to help yourself learn about fraud, check out her site. Likewise if you are looking for a speaker.

I like the graphic at the bottom of this page – it has three pictures of her at different points in time with a description of each stage:

  • PRIDEFUL – before or during the fraud
  • HUMBLED – mug shot
  • REDEEMED – today, working to rebuild her life

There are links to two videos of her presentations:

  • – Presentation to a local church. This is a discussion of how her faith in Christ has been a part of rebuilding the life she choose to shatter. If you are not a part of the Christian faith community, this video many not make much sense to you.  If you are a Christian, this is where you can see her testimony.
  • – A nine minute series of clips from a CPE session. Appears to be a class presented by Gary Zeune, since he is introducing her. An informative, condensed set of comments on her fraud, how it was discovered, and the techniques she used.

Again, if you want to learn about fraud, check out the above links.

She will be speaking at the August 21, 2013 fraud conference presented by the Indiana CPA Society.

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