Upland bribery case – where are they now? Two in jail and two have served their time.

Since my last update in December, one of the defendants in the Upland bribery case has reported for his confinement. Two have completed their term and been released. The former mayor is still in jail.

Why am I still interested? To me, following the details of a specific incident helps illustrate the tragedy of fraud. This also provides me an education on the legal system. That is useful since I’m a CPA.

The Bureau of Prisons has a searchable Inmate Locator, which you can find here.

The former mayor, John Victor Pomierski, still has a projected release date of 6-27-14. His sentence was 2 years.

Here is the publicly available status of his three helpers. As mentioned before, I don’t want to list their names.

#2 – Was released 4-19-13. He was credited with 120 days already served so got out earlier than #3.  His sentence was 366 days, with 53 days off for good behavior, and 120 days credited.

#3 – Now has an expected release date of 11-15-13. With a sentence of 366 day with 53 possible days for good behavior, I calculate he reported on 1-6-13. He is the only one of the 4 who didn’t spent the 2012 holiday season in prison.

#4 – Was released on 3-1-13. He received a six month sentence.

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