Be veeeery careful about upgrading to Evernote version 5

I’ve been using Evernote very heavily since last December. For an accountant, and especially for a blogger, it is a great tool to clip a copy of interesting stuff in a searchable database.  I have a lot of notes.

Friday morning I decided to finally upgrade to version 5.  

Big mistake.

The notes on the upgrade looked fine. The only thing missing from the notes was a comment that the software would not work after the upgrade

I still heartily recommend accountants use Evernote. It is a great research tool. It is a wonderful way to keep track of dozens or hundreds of articles you may want to revisit.  Just think carefully before you upgrade.

After working fine all morning, immediately after the upgrade I could not clip anything and instead got errors saying the software doesn’t work with 64 bit browsers. I tried multiple workarounds and corrections. Firefox didn’t work.  Nothing fixed it. Help site only said the software doesn’t work with 64 bit browsers.  Couldn’t undo the install (all you techies are laughing as you think, you just figured that out?)

Some browsing on the ‘net indicated the software flat-out doesn’t work with 64 bit software. Not sure how version 4 worked with a machine running Windows 7 in 64 bits, but it was.  That’s too much under-the-hood stuff for me.

Oh well.

Somewhere in the last day or two I think I approved IE 10. Have been holding off on that for a long time, but without intending to do so, I somehow approved installing it.  Still don’t know how or when that happened.  However, it appears it is the upgrade to version 5 that caused the problem since clipping worked immediately before the upgrade and didn’t work immediately after.


After some experimenting I can still use Evernote with a cumbersome workaround.

So instead of 2 simple steps (highlight text; right-click “clip selection”), it now takes 6 cumbersome steps:

  • Open Evernote; open new note; go to browser & copy article title; go to Evernote & paste title into new note; go to browser & copy text I want to keep track of; go to Evernote & paste into note

The new note will somehow pick up the URL so you can go back to the original article later.

Oh, it also looks like there is not an easy way to move between Evernote and OneNote.

What do you think? What else did I miss?

Other than show I’m only average in tech skills and my suggestion you be careful before loading V5, any other lessons to be drawn?

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