The rules have all changed

Seth Godin has a new piece called “Post….

If you read his article or my comments and don’t immediately understand the point, you are missing something that has serious implications for your future earnings.

He lists 14 things that are now in the past, such as:

Post newspaper

Post privacy

Post gatekeeper

Post middle class

He gives a link to an article for each point that explains the rules have changed in some area of our lives or the economy.

That is scary, but there is tremendous opportunity.

He closes with

If you were hoping for a future that wasn’t like the past, where you had no real choice but to carve your own path and make a mark, here it is. 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please start reading. Check out An Army of Davids or anything written by Mr. Godin. On my other blog, Outrun Change, I talk about the frontier being open in the fields of energy, publishing, education, and space.

I don’t yet have a clue what this means for the CPA world. I’m trying to sort it out.

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