Upland bribery case – where are they now? Three have served their time. Ex-mayor has six months to go.

Time for my semi-annual update on the location of defendants in the Upland bribery case.  Since my last update in July, a third schemer has been released. The former mayor still is in federal prison in Taft, California. That is a privately operated facility in Kern County.

Why am I still interested? Following the details of a specific incident helps demonstrate the tragedy of fraud. It’s also an education on the legal system.

My posts on the Upland scandal can be found on this tag. I’ve also published my revised posts in an e-book, which is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Only $0.99. I receive a royalty from sales at those sites.

The Bureau of Prisons has a searchable Inmate Locator, which you can find here.

Status of the no-longer-alleged crooks:

  • The former mayor, John Victor Pomierski, still has a projected release date of 6-27-14. He is in the midst of his second holiday season in prison.
  • #2 – As mentioned earlier, he was released 4-19-13.  His sentence was 366 days, less 53 days for good behavior, less 120 days credited for time served.
  • #3 – Was released on 11-15-13. His sentence was 366 days less 53 days for good behavior, so he served 313 days by my calculation.
  • #4 – Was released on 3-1-13 after serving six months.

Here’s my count of how many holiday seasons (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year) each of them spent in prison:

  • 2 – Mayor
  • 1 – #2
  • 0 – #3 (was released about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving ’13)
  • 1 – #4

Why continue the follow-up and count the holidays in prison? To show the horrid wages rightfully earned from fraud which will be paid in full.

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