Scott London expected to report to prison on Friday; Bryan Shaw is already in custody.

At sentencing, Judge Wu ordered Scott London to report to prison by noon on July 18. That is today.

When I checked the Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator Service on Thursday evening, it showed Mr. London’s status as not in custody with no release date. That’s what I expected.

Then I checked on Mr. Shaw. The court sentenced Mr. Shaw to 5 months with recommendation of confinement at either Taft or Lompoc with orders to report by August 1, 2014.

He is already in custody.

There are two listings for Bryan Shaw in the BOP Inmate Locator. I looked at the data for Bryan Shaw, register number 64829-112, age 53, white male. He is in custody at Taft CI with release date of 11/28/14.

That is not what I expected. How odd.

The reporting date was ordered by the judge to be August 1. With a 5 month sentence, that would give an expected release date of January 1, 2015.  A release date of 11/28 would imply a reporting date of 6/28, not 8/1.

Went to the federal PACER system and sorted out my confusion. On June 27, Judge Wu granted a request to advance the surrender date to June 30.

On July 16, there is a notation in his docket the court clerk verified that as of that date he was in custody.

So, my read of the situation is Mr. Shaw reported early on 6/28 and has an expected release date of 11/28.

Will post an update when Mr. London is reported in custody.

Update: Mr. Shaw released 11/28/14.

3 thoughts on “Scott London expected to report to prison on Friday; Bryan Shaw is already in custody.”

    1. Court order is a noon reporting time. Your first conversation with the prison guards being why you broke the first rule you encountered would be a really bad way to start a confinement.

      If I were ever to be in such a horrid situation, I’d be there hours early. Just in case there was traffic. Or my car broke down. Or a 6.0 earthquake broke a bridge between here and there.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

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