Scott London is in prison on 7/19/14. Expected release date 7/23/15.

Looks like he surrendered into custody yesterday.

The Bureau of Prisons has an Inmate Locator Service which provides location and incarceration data for all federal prisoners since 1982. Lookup is by name or register number.

As of Saturday morning, 7/19, the locator shows Scott London (register 64641-112) is incarcerated at Taft Correctional Institute, near Bakersfield, California.

His posted release date is 7/23/15.

His sentence was 14 months, which with an ordered report date of 7/18/14 would mean the expected release date would be 9/14/15.

I’ve read that in the federal system, there is a 53 day credit per year of the sentence for each year. That is why sometimes a federal sentence is one year and one day. That gives the defendant a 53 day credit which can be lost by bad behavior, which in turn creates high motivation for playing nice.

A release date of 7/23/15 would be 57 days earlier than the expected date. Thus, this indicates the credit is around 57 days.

Mentioned yesterday that Bryan Shaw reported early and that he is at Taft CI. I double checked this morning and he is still listed at Taft. It’s confusing to me that the BoP would assign co-conspirators to the same facility, especially since one rolled over on the other.

Why am I focusing on Mr. Shaw’s and Mr. London’s arrival in prison and the time they will be there?

To emphasize the hard-earned wages of fraud.

Mr. London commented several times in his June 26 interview that he did not ponder the consequences of his insider trading. Well, for everyone else, these blog posts provide a picture of what goes into breaking the law.

Any thoughts? Did I miss something in the BoP procedures?

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