Primer on fraud in local governments

If you work in a local government, are in leadership there, or provide audits in that sector, you really ought to check out Charles Hall’s book, The Little Book of Local Government Fraud Prevention.

I bought & read a copy a while back and really, really want to write a review of the book, but haven’t been able to pull together my thoughts.  (Sorry Charles!) It is a good read.

Until I pull together my thoughts, just know I believe you would benefit from reading the book.

Just one quick comment – many books on accounting or fraud you see run hundreds of pages. Not many people have time to read that much. An advantage of this book is short length. It is 112 pages long. That is a feature, by the way.

It is available in paperback at the link above.

Mr. Hall just announced the Paperback Version is Available. You can get it at Amazon.

As I write this post, the Kindle version is ranked as 128,267th best-selling. The paperback version is ranked at 241,851. He won’t retire from those sales, but those are very good rankings.

Full disclosure:  I haven’t met Charles Hall in person, but we are internet friends. Also, I bought my copy of his e-book.

2 thoughts on “Primer on fraud in local governments”

  1. James, thanks for the post. So glad to complete the paperback version of the book. I am hoping many auditors and governmental accountants will find it useful. I spent a great deal of time distilling the content so that it is easy to understand and use. I appreciate all that you do in providing great content for the CPA community. Keep up the good work. God bless.

    1. Hi Charles:

      You do a great job of summarizing material. You cover the material that has been around a while which may have escaped immediate recollection and also describe the new material that it out. You too keep up the good work.


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