Tragedy of Fraud series available soon in print

tragedy-cover   tragedy-cover


In a few days, printed copies of the two books in my Tragedy of Fraud series will be available in print at Amazon.

(Update: Available now.)

They are currently available in e-book format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the iTunes store.

  • Tragedy of Fraud – Insider Trading Edition describes the long fall from Big 4 audit partner to prison inmate. A year and a half ago, Scott London was the regional audit PIC for the southwest region of KPMG. Currently he is residing in a federal penitentiary serving a 14 month sentence for insider trading.
  • Tragedy of Fraud – The Ripple Effects from Fraud and the Wages Earned describes the widespread effect of a fraud at a local church and the long list of consequences earned by a corrupt mayor. The three conditions needed for fraud to flourish, which is called the fraud triangle, are also explained along with ideas on how local churches could reduce the risks in each of those three areas.

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