10 most popular posts at CPA-Scribo

Charles Hall has posted a list of the most popular posts at his blog, CPA-Scribo. I heartily recommend all of the following. Pick a few and dive in. You will learn a lot. I promise.


10. The Power of Story in Teaching CPAs

9. Seven Deadly (Audit) Sins

8. FRF for SMEs – The Lowdown

7. Evernote for CPAs

6. An Auditor’s Cell Phone

5. Five Disbursement Fraud Tests

4. SSARS 21 – The Lowdown

3. Local Government Internal Controls – A List

2. Audit Lessons from a Brain Tumor

1. Simple Compilation Reporting – Tax Basis, Substantially All Disclosures Omitted


Oh, and if you aren’t already visiting his blog regularly or reading all his material through an RSS feed, you really ought to do so.

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