Advice for young professionals that applies even more so to seasoned professionals

There is a lot of change around and the pace of change is increasing.

A friend of mine, Professor David Albrecht, has started a new blog, Skills for Young Professionals. His lead blog is The Summa.

I suggest to you the new blog is every bit as useful for seasoned professionals as for the young professionals.

Walk with me through the first three posts:

Introducing ‘Skills For Young Professionals’

Technical skills aren’t enough. Professionals need

…a professional’s brand & message, networking, relationship building & nurturing, team building, social marketing, working with a mentor, leadership and professional use of digital era technologies.

That applies even more for those of us who have been out of college for, uh, a while.

The Ripple Effect

Are you going to live for yourself or are you going to help other people who in turn can help others? Will your life have made a difference after you are gone? Forget that – will your life have made a different to anyone two years from now?

The question asked to ponder what direction to take in the next few years, especially after you’ve been out of college a while, focuses this same idea:   What do you wanna’ do when you grow up?

Hmm. The article applies to seasoned professionals as well.

Skills Needed in the 21st Century Economy 

Completely different skills are needed to succeed today compared to 10 or 15 years ago.

Hey, seasoned professionals need to hear that even more than the professionals-in-training currently in college.

I’m thinking the audience of this blog is primarily seasoned professionals. Looks to me like the prof’s new blog is something we should all check out. Add it to your RSS feed.

P.S. Read that last sentence again. It’s a pop quiz. If you don’t understand it, there are some new skills you should pick up.

2 thoughts on “Advice for young professionals that applies even more so to seasoned professionals”

  1. Jim,

    Thanks for the shout out. I hadn’t thought about the seasoned pros. I’ll try to promote to them, also.

    After a year of blogging, I’ll write a book on the subject of professional skills for young (and seasoned) professionals.


    1. Hi Dave:

      That is a superb approach. The whole time I was blogging about Scott London’s ultrahigh visibility disintegration, I had in mind to put the posts into a book. Another blogger I know is writing a book on the installment plan. The large number of posts will be woven into a superb book.

      Looking forward to seeing your new book in a year or so and a great blog in the meantime.


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