Last person in KPMG inspection leak fiasco enters guilty plea

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The last person to face justice in KPMG’s fiasco of gaining illegal access to PCAOB inspection lists entered a guilty plea a few weeks before his scheduled trial.

David Britt entered a guilty plea on 10/3/19 to one count conspiracy to commit wire fraud. His trial would have otherwise started on 10/21/19.

Sentencing is scheduled for 5/8/20.

He was previously co-head of the Banking and Capital Markets Group, which was part of the Department of Professional Practice. Can you possibly imagine a more dream job for a technician who worked all his life auditing banks? He threw away the most enjoyable job in his career. At age 56, he could have enjoyed that fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime work for another five or ten years.

That means all five of the accused former-KPMG staff and the one accused former-PCAOB staff have been convicted or entered guilty pleas.

Recap of status

  • David Middendorf – convicted on 3 felony counts – sentenced to 1 year plus 1 day
  • Thomas Whittle – guilty plea on 5 felony counts – sentencing scheduled for 12/20/19
  • David Britt – guilty plea on 1 felony count – sentencing scheduled for 5/8/20
  • Brian Sweet – guilty plea, unclear number of counts – sentencing scheduled for 12/20/19
  • Cynthia Holder – guilty plea on 4 felony counts – sentenced to 8 months
  • Jeffrey Wada – convicted on 3 felony counts – unclear sentencing date

Cynthia Holder is listed at the Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator database with register number 35321-479. Her status is not in custody.

For more info on status, check out my detailed post.


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