Final defendant sentenced in city corruption case

The Daily Bulletin reports that Final defendant in Pomierski case sentenced to one year, one day.

The fourth defendant was sentenced to 12 months and one day in federal prison for his role as middleman in the bribery case involving the mayor of a city next to where I live.

There was one guilty conviction and three guilty pleas. The sentences are two years, one year & one day, one year & one day, and six-month prison & six months home detention. That wraps up the sentencing.

So much waste. So much devastation. So much suffering in the days ahead for these men.

Please don’t misunderstand – they’re going to receive the wages which they have worked for, which they strived for, which they earned, and which they justly deserve.

Still, the utter waste makes me sad.

What’s with the one day?

Two of the sentences are peculiar. Notice the exact number of days in prison, to include one day over one year? Odd.

I did a quick search of the Internet and found a website where the author seems to be well-informed on federal trials and sentencing.

That author indicated that for federal sentences longer than one year, a prisoner receives a 54 day reduction in the sentence for every year of good behavior. Therefore, a sentence of 365 days means no possible reduction for good behavior. When the judge adds on the extra day, he is giving the now-convicted defendant a huge motivation to be a good boy – about two months off the sentence if he behaves.

You can take or leave what the author has to say, but it makes sense to me.

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