This week’s round of flaming hypocrisy from public officials.

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Without even trying to find such news reports, examples keep jumping out which show senior politicians, health officials, and sundry members of the elite caste ignoring the rules you and I must follow. The examples just don’t stop.

The most recent illustrations from the California governor, New Jersey governor, and New Jersey Attorney General are discussed below.

Following is a list of my previous discussions on the ever-expanding list of senior officials who don’t bother to follow the rules they imposed.

Another post published a moment ago asks the question whether these officials really believe the rules they dictate are even required.

California Governor

Yahoo! News – 10/9/21 – Gavin Newsom’s daughter not yet vaccinated as implement sweeping mandate – California has now imposed a mandatory requirement that all students in public and private schools be vaccinated against Covid-19. The diktat was announced for children 12 through 15 as soon as the FDA gave approval for the Pfizer medicine.

The governor has not had his daughter, who turned 12 recently, vaccinated yet. Does he lead by example? Does he comply with the requirement? Not yet.

The second reason is that she has

“a series of other shots to get first.”

Having been challenged on his daughter not yet being vaccinated he indicated he would get it done soon. Ooooookay.

Let’s check out that “other shots” excuse…

I searched the ol’ Internet for a few moments and found a good resource for all the vaccines, dose regimens, and age recommendations:

Very Well Health – undated – Top 20 Vaccines You Should Know About / Why They Are Recommended by the CDC.

This covers everything from the old standbys pf polio, DTaP, and annual influenza shots all the way through the obscure shots like cholera, yellow fever, and typhoid.

I checked the 20 vaccinations. None of them have recommended start age of 12.

There are three that are close in timing to a 12-year-old, specifically HPV at age 9, meningococcal at age 10, TDaP at age 11 (if not previously vaccinated with whooping cough).

So for a 12-year-old, who has responsible parents who actually believe in the power of vaccinations, the HPV, meningococcal, and TDaP would have been administered during the three previous years.

There really should not be any “series of shots” that a 12-year-old needs to receive.

So, have the Newsoms been ignoring the health of their young daughter, or do they not believe in the power of vaccinations, or is the governor just make up a story to excuse way they have gotten a Covid shot for their daughter?

New Jersey Governor and Attorney General

Both New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Acting Attorney General Andrew Buck, along with other state officials, attended a gala ball with barely a mask in sight.

The Covid-19 vaccine is so deadly dangerous that schoolchildren in New Jersey, all schoolchildren, must wear a mask the entire time they are at school. As we all know, without scrupulous compliance with that stringent requirement they will all die.

CDC shows that Monmouth County in New Jersey, where the event was held, has high risk of infection, the highest for any county in the state. In such situations the CDC strongly recommends wearing masks when indoors.

State guidelines recommend, but do not require, wearing a mask when indoors.

The governor has been urging everyone in the state to mask up, regardless of vaccination status.

Multiple photos at several websites show photos of attendees hamming it up for a picture, but none of them wearing a mask.

Media coverage for the event also says a very large number of educators were present at the event.

A few sources for news on the event:

Previous examples of flaming hypocrisy

My previous posts describing the ruling elite governing caste ignoring the rules you and I have to follow:

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