Instead of being just flaming hypocrites, perhaps our “leaders” don’t really believe Covid restrictions are needed.

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Let’s picture a situation where politicians and public health officials believe eating seedless grapes is dangerous, will make a tremendously large number of people horribly sick, and will inevitably kill lots of people.

Let’s pretend that grape-sickness is so dangerous that even inhaling trace amounts of grape-breath from other people will make you terribly sick, with a frightening chance grape-breath will kill you.

Let’s picture said politicians and public health officials banning seedless grapes and insisting that none of us ever eat them again because they are so terribly dangerous.

Now let’s picture dozens of those politicians and public health officials being photographed and video recorded eating seedless grapes.

And breathing on each other.

In public.

With cameras rolling.

Knowing they are being recorded.


What would explain this bizarre, horribly dangerous behavior?

Would you conclude those folks are just flaming hypocrites who don’t feel like following the rules?

Or would it be more reasonable to think those officials do not believe that seedless grapes are dangerous? Would you ponder whether they did not really see any risk?

Or would you wonder if those people just want to prove they have power over you and me?

If said seedless grapes were a deadly danger, don’t you think the people who are most informed would follow their own rules to keep themselves safe?

Out of a self-preserving desire to stay alive, it seems those folks would make sure they did everything they could to avoid a life-threatening illness.

Obviously, I’m not talking about grapes. There is a never-ending parade of politicians, health officials, actors, and sundry self-appointed elites ignoring Covid restrictions. See previous post for a long list of specifics.

We need to ask why the politicians, media elite, social influencers, and public health officials who flagrantly violate the Covid rules they dictate the rest of us follow choose to flagrantly violate the Covid rules they issue and enforce.

Perhaps they are nothing more than petty, flaming, in-your-face hypocrites.

Perhaps they are convinced that they are better than us and entitled to ignore the rules they impose on us peons, us serfs.

Perhaps they want to show they have power over us, and prove to us that we have no power.

Perhaps, just perhaps, they don’t really believe their rules are necessary.

I’m beginning to think that deep down they do not believe the restrictions and requirements actually have any value. Deep down perhaps they believe the rules are worthless.

If those imaginary seedless grape rules provided protection, wouldn’t the elite want to protect themselves and their families?

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