Two former KPMG partners involved in PCAOB inspection leak fiasco surrender their CPA licenses.

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There’s an old saying that the wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind very fine. In the accounting world the wheels of justice don’t even start to turn until the criminal justice wheels have ground everyone into powder.

Effective this past August and November two of the key former partners from KPMG involved in the PCAOB inspection cheating scandal surrendered their licenses.

Effective August 30, 2021, David C. Britt surrendered his CPA license, #60622, issued 5/12/1995.

Basis for discipline was Accusation #AC-2021-29 which sites his conviction on 10/3/19 of wire fraud.

You may find a PDF of the agreement to surrender his license and the underlying accusation at the CBA website here.

Effective November 1, 2021, Brian John Sweet surrendered his CPA license, #127662, which was issued 9/9/15 and expired 10/31/17.

Basis for discipline was accusation AC-2021-25, which sites discipline by the SEC and conviction of a federal felony.

You may find a PDF copy of the order to surrender his license and the underlying accusation here.

Mr. Britt’s order and accusation has been linked to his certificate listing at the CBA website.  Mr. Sweet’s order and accusation has not yet been directly linked to him.

If you have never read these type of documents, you might find it interesting. Or maybe not.

Both of the Stipulated Surrender of License and Order are signed by the CPA and contains a comment that each of them “admits the truth of each and every charge and allegation” in the accusation.

If you look at the license for either of these gentlemen, their license status shows “SURRENDERED” in bold red font. I will guess that status will remain listed next to their name as long as CBA has a website.

Mr. Britt contested the disciplinary action and was represented by legal counsel during the Board’s actions.  Mr. Sweet appears to have neither contested the disciplinary action nor retained legal counsel to represent him.

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